Silk Painting Classes in Tampa

Silk Painting Classes

I have been painting on silk for more than quarter of a century! These  classes are designed to teach the art of Silk Painting to you.  Because the  instruction is 1:1 and individualized, your work looks professional. I  coach you through every step without touching your art work. 

Introductory Three - Four Hour Lesson
Includes all materials : silk, dyes, resists etc.
We use your or my simple pre-drawn pattern  or free form painting.
 You  create a picture or a scarf.   Experience using gorgeous silk dyes, and  discover Silk Paints which do not need to be steamed.  $120

Introduction to Silk Painting Course
Fall in love with silk - Four, 3+ hour sessions - $350.
Includes  silk, all dyes, resists, processing and teaching including  the process, location of supplies, solutions to more complex problems   and use of more complex patterns and larger painting frames as you wish.
Silk for large frames ( < 24x30)  can be purchased.

The lustrous beauty of silk is enhanced by the color and the color is enhanced by the silk.
This is because we paint with DYE, ( not silk paints which are fine-milled acrylic paint).
The  fibre-reactive dyes require one hour of steaming, which I do after the  class and your work is mailed to you. You can learn this process in the  Silk Painting Course - it can be done using a large kitchen pot.

Silk fibre is prism shaped and reflects more light than a normal surface, and so we use dyes to work with the natural beauty.

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Art with Inspiration and Enthusiasm

Art Classes for Adults and Children

I  am an art coach. I am able to see opportunities and offer  advice and  hints for marketing, framing , art shows and so much more, as well as  techniques and the way to get over the fear of trying ! To paraphrase  Martha Graham; "If you dont do your work - it won't get done. No-one else can make YOUR art !" Like  children, here we make art for the joy of making.

Studio time for adults is $20 an hour for one to two hours

For Children it is $15 an hour, plus $10 for each additional child. 

Supplies are included, unless otherwise discussed.

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Lib, thanks so much. What a lovely person  you are. I look forward to my next visit with you. I had a wonderful  time feeling uninhibited, free, safe, and creative!!!!
— Denise M. Student 



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