Fla Fish, Cuban Sangwiche


The map of Fla  creates a yellow fish in this collage on silk. It was made for a Cuban Sangwiche Show, in Tampa. I have always enjoyed it with its accretions in clay and glass and found electronic parts --

24'x30' framed, S200.



In a wide Mexican silver frame - this painting is inspired by classical colors and the theme of space-time, and cyclical history. 

Including the frame it is 16"x22" . $195




Acrylic on Canvas. 

The Bioko Drill has a very very human body with sensitive hands and beseeching eyes, It is struggling to survive in its homeland. 

Gallery Wrap Canvas.  40'x30'  $375

Self Portrait


Acrylic over found canvas. Framed in a narrow  shadow box frame.

 28"x 23"

What I like about my portraits is the very direct look in their eyes. I value honesty and being fearless about the truth.




This acryclic on board is inspired by Kees van Dongen's portrait ofhis daughter, Dolly. I rather like my version. Unframed it is 18'x24"




Ahasuera means "She Knows" . Many of the so called kings in ancient history, were female, subsequently given the gender of male by a later culture in which women were almost totally subjugated and the idea of a female leader was almost beyond conception. Watercolor, Framed and matted.

16"x20"  $175

Available Art



This silk painting by me is inspired by another artist's work - if I could remember who I would give credit. The image is about 18" square. Without the frame it costs $200. It will have a black core white mat, 2" wide all around and a small black frame. $300 in the frame. 

Sailing Across the Cosmos


Mixed Media plus Dyes on Paper  

This painting is 35"x29" in the frame - a simple dark frame 21/2 "wide. 

London THB


This is acrylic painted over an old canvas which had words relating to London Printed on it. You can still catch glimpses of them in the painting.

It is 14 x 40" 


2 Femmes


This is acryclic on canvas - an overpainting over a pre-used canvas with lots of texture. I'm happy with the rich colors. 

Te waka and the Biznis District


This silk painting is an homage to a picture  of early New Zealand which conveyed utter serenity - i have added the "biznis" district because it makes a truer picture in my mind of the history as it evolved.

 It is in a small brown wooden frame.

12 1/2" x 15"


Contact Me


Please be in touch if you would like to view any of these works which all look much better in person. 


813 785 0129

 This silk painting called "Kaira - goddess of non-linear time" is in a private collection. 

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